The Bachelor Party Favor

Cara’s Master knows that a bachelor party requires bros, booze and beauty. As the Best Man, it’s his job to provide those delights. And who better to provide the beauty than his own well-trained submissive?

Would you like to be given as a gift to the men at a bachelor party?

Cara has no choice when her Master decides that she’s going to be the ‘beauty’ at his best friend’s bachelor party.

She won’t have to jump out of a cake, but she will be presented in little more than some strategically placed ‘wrapping’ ribbon and a pair of high heels. What more does a sex object need?


“You be sure to do a good job,” Jake said to Cara. “I’ll be getting a report from each of the men.”

“Master?” She beseeched him with her eyes, praying he’d allow a question. After Duncan had looked her over, pronounced her as sexy as hell, and gone over to the bar for a drink, Jake had ordered her into the bedroom, and followed her.

Ignoring her plea, Jake stepped behind her. “You don’t need this anymore.” With a quick move, he untied the knot that held her wrists bound. “But we’ll keep the bow around your neck. It’s sexy.”

He smiled, and flicked her nose. “Get up on the bed.”

She climbed up and sat on the edge.

“Lean back against the pillows,” he ordered. When she did, he reached down, straightened out her legs, and spread them so they were about a foot apart at her knees.

“This is the position you should be in when each man enters.”

She tried not to hear the word ‘enters’. It was too much a reminder of what was going to happen soon.

“Do you understand me, sub?” His voice was suddenly harsh, cold, the voice of a Dom.

“Yes, Master.” She bowed her head without even thinking about it.

“Good.” He reached over suddenly and casually pushed a long finger inside her. She jerked in surprise, but he only laughed. “Why, Cara, you’re wet.” He winked at her. “I think you’re looking forward to this little party.”

She could only stare, wide-eyed. Her body always betrayed her.

Goose bumps raced themselves all over her body. Jake placed her flute down on the nightstand, and then her blood really ran cold, like a river of the cold champagne had been poured through her veins.

Next to a pile of condoms, a brand new, untouched tube of lube was also sitting on the nightstand. She didn’t know how she didn’t notice it the second she entered the room.

He saw her gaze touch it and flit away. “I don’t want any unnecessary roughness,” he said.

“Unnecessary?” She couldn’t help it, panic edged her voice.

“The lube is to help you if you’re too dry.”

She stared at him, her mouth already dryer than the Sahara, despite the champagne. “What do I have to do with—with these men?” she whispered.

He leaned down, bringing his face so close to hers they were almost kissing. “You’re a naked party favor,” he said in a low voice. “You are here to please any man who walks through the door. You will let them play with your body, and fuck you, and do whatever else they desire.”

His gray eyes met hers, and she could see all the way into their depths, where a flame of excitement was burning. “Enjoy yourself,” he said.