What’s the first rule a submissive must learn? When your dom tells you to do something, you obey.

What’s the second rule? If you don’t obey, you will be punished.

Master Glendan is about to enforce this rule on Sonia, and he’s added a few twists to a standard spanking.

When he and his helpers are done, will Sonia be ready to yield to him?




 Sonia stared at Master Glendan’s naked abdomen as panic fluttered in her chest. Was that why he’d removed his shirt after she took off her clothes? So she could see all his hard muscles, and know that he could deliver the hurt he’d promised?

But to make her ask for it? She couldn’t do that.

“Were my instructions unclear?” His voice was so deep. Why couldn’t it sound warm?

“No, sir. I’m sorry sir.” There was no help for it. “Please start—”

Master Glendan held up an imperious hand. “Look at me.”

She raised her head, and he captured her gaze and held it. “For your insubordination, I’m going to bring in a dom in training to give you ten extra strokes.”

She couldn’t help a cry of dismay from escaping her. But he ignored it.

He walked over to the intercom, pushed the button and said, “Send a dom who’s in training to Room 3. Choose someone who wants to discipline a redhead with a great ass.”

Sonia’s hair suddenly hung heavily around her shoulders. Was her hair what had attracted Master Glendan to her? She’d curled the ends so carefully tonight, knowing that her luxurious fall of soft auburn curls enticed men quite reliably.

It couldn’t be the bit about her ass—because that was so impersonal.

She didn’t know why she longed for Master Glendan to want her, not her as an ass, but her as a desirable woman, a person with her own brain and personality, not merely a sub. But it was hard for her to imagine he did, when his treatment was so hard and impersonal.

She couldn’t see the two men behind her, but she heard a rustle as Glendan apparently sat down in the free chair next to the observer. The two men began casually discussing the upcoming state election, while she hung over the sawhorse, waiting for the pain to come.

A quiet knock sounded on the door, but she couldn’t see the man who entered. She heard his voice say, “Good evening, Masters. You requested a dom in training.” His voice rose in a slight question at the end.

“Come in, Adam.” That was Glendan’s bass voice speaking. “We have an opportunity to give you a punishment lesson here.”

“Sounds good.” There was a note of eagerness in Adam’s voice. Sonia couldn’t see him, but she could feel his eyes staring at her ass.

“Yes,” Glendan answered. “This sub has earned an extra punishment, which you will administer. Start by letting her know you will take care of her at all times.”

She heard movement as Adam moved closer to her. Then this man she’d never seen pressed a hand against her butt. She jumped in surprise. He began stroking and caressing her. “No need to be alarmed, sub. I’m just warming you up, to help you endure the pain.”

His hands stroked up and down, and kneaded her flesh strongly. “You have a beautiful ass,” he said. “I look forward to reddening it.”

“Since you are still in training,” Master Glendan said suddenly, “you will use your hand to administer the punishment. It will be ten strokes. Make it hurt.”