Scarlet Love, Author

When you want it hot
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One for all, and all for one has a whole new meaning when she’s the one, ‘all’ is a group of five hot guys, and sex is on the table.

Joe makes Hallie a proposition too enticing to resist when he offers to trade repair work in return for sexual favors. Little does he know that he’s given her the perfect excuse for getting down and dirty with a gang of alpha males.

Little does she know that Joe’s offer of one sexy night will be no holds barred and will push her beyond her comfort zone, wild though she is.

If she dares to accept…

 What happens when you make a bargain with the devil?

Tamara desperately needs a scholarship  for medical school, and only one student can win a full ride. Her professor has a naughty deal for her. But he’s so hot. It wouldn’t be a hardship to play his game.

Of course, she doesn’t know how far the professor will go once the deal is made. She’s about to find out that he’s not one to spare the rod.

The next session is more alarming. Her professor proposes a ménage a trois, in which she must service two dominant men. Is she daring enough to pull that off? Will the two men demand more of her than she can deliver?

Then one man she truly longs for, a fellow college student, gives her the proposal that truly leaves her dumbfounded. And that’s when she learns what happens when you make a pact with the devil – you may lose the love of your life.

What’s a girl to do when she wants to be a good girl, but has a Master in her life who has bad fantasies?

Role play allows Chloe to let her inner wild child out. Uncle wants to pet and cosset his good little girl, but he also has lessons to teach her.

Lessons about things that good little girls shouldn’t know.

But a good little girl always obeys her Uncle. Such a dilemma.

Chloe and Master Daan play naughty games in their Victorian home on the Hudson River. Because she’s a wild thing, and Master Daan never wants to lose her.