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Show Off

She loves to obey. He loves to push her out of her comfort zone.

They will both be tested tonight as he decides to introduce her to the pleasure of exhibitionism. A pleasure she’s not ready to embrace.

That is, until she tries it, and discovers its seductive appeal.

But he’s not ready to share. Will he unleash a desire he can’t contain?

New Release!!!

The Wedding Party Gift

Cara enjoyed being shared as a bachelor party gift…while she was masked and anonymous.

But when a wedding party guest unmasks her, and wants to use her again, she has a decision to make.

Will she allow her Master to expand her sexual horizons yet again, or will she retreat to her comfort zone?

Or does she even have a choice?

The Bachelor Party Favor

One more fling before the ring…

Cara’s Master knows that a bachelor party requires bros, booze and beauty. As the Best Man, it’s his job to provide those delights. And who better to provide the beauty than his own well-trained submissive?

Would you like to be given as a gift to the men at a bachelor party?

Cara has no choice when her Master decides that she’s going to be the ‘beauty’ at his best friend’s bachelor party.

She won’t have to jump out of a cake, but she will be presented in little more than some strategically placed ‘wrapping’ ribbon and a pair of high heels. What more does a sex object need?

And what will happen when the groom’s ‘present’ is unwrapped in front of his friends?

All For One

One for all, and all for one has a whole new meaning when she’s the one, ‘all’ is a group of five hot guys, and sex is on the table.

Joe makes Hallie a proposition too enticing to resist when he offers to trade repair work in return for sexual favors. Little does he know that he’s given her the perfect excuse for getting down and dirty with a gang of alpha males.

Little does she know that Joe’s offer of one sexy night will be no holds barred and will push her beyond her comfort zone, wild though she is.

If she dares to accept…